My name is Zeb van de Ven. I am a graphic designer, living in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I do illustrations, graphic design, webdesign, photo/video-editing and lots in between.

I have made commercial work for:

2112, AAAN, America Today, Anker Amsterdam Spirits, Calo Nutima, Carrabas Speelgoed, Circus Treurdier, Coolcat, Crossfit Hofplein, Cyclus Management, Facilicom, Gemeente Schiedam, Gijs Proost Fotografie, HEMA, Horn Consultancy, Instant Reporting, KPMG, Kicksaus, Lecarpentier communicatie ontwerp, Lib’EAU, LiftLife, MS Mode, Mediastages, Merogu, Michiel Maessen Fotografie, Miss Etam, oeHoe, Ontwerpkeuken, Renate Schoutsen Photography, Selected Labels, Studio Q, V&D, VanSoest&VanKrimpen, Yogaground.

You can email me at info@zebdesign.com or fill out the form to get in touch.